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Full-Stack Marketer &

Sales Generator

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Heidi is an experienced sales and marketing leader who navigates small businesses through the start-up scaries and large companies in their quest to conquer revenue goals. If she's not guiding teams in reaching new sales heights, she's likely out reaching other altitudes via hiking, climbing, and traveling.


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Mountain Landscape From Above Clouds


Director of Sales & Marketing

Leads the overall strategy, execution, and evaluation of brand recognition, customer engagements, and sales growth


Director of Marketing

Collaborated with the executive team to create a brand image that embodied the company's mission and resonated with the values of its customers


Senior Digital Assistant Merchant

Proposed and implemented website merchandising plans to enhance the display of product assortment and improve sales performance

Work Experience

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Grand Opening

Heidi was responsible for planning and executing a new Dataspeed office grand opening with a budget of $10k. The event emphasized the company's innovative image and featured memorable elements, including distinctive invitations, custom wine gifts, top-notch catering, a photo booth, and elegant beatboxing entertainment.

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Retail Pop-Ups

From merchandising to post-event sales analysis, Heidi showcased her retail offering in dozens of in-person events. She was known to create a brick-and-mortar shopping atmosphere in the constraints of a 10'x10' tent, thus resulting in hundreds of transactions and countless customers who followed the boutique from show to show.

Pop-Up Events




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Revitalizing small to medium-sized businesses presence at trade events has been of great importance in Heidi's career. Despite notably tight trade show budgets, she has single-handedly redesigned multiple booth layouts and coordinated all logistics to amplify multiple companies' image and increase foot traffic.


Trade Shows



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Utilizing her intermediate Adobe Suite skill set, Heidi has produced dozens of marketing brochures. In addition to managing the design work, she's experienced in copywriting and translating technical information into presentable, succinct formats.

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Print Campaigns


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Social Engagement

To highlight a product's first-of-it's-kind waterproof capabilities, Heidi developed an eye-catching mailer that featured raised UV spot coating that appeared as if the material had real water droplets on it's surface.

In an effort to increase social engagement for a boutique, Heidi designed and launched a campaign that included an edgy package insert to drive hype on social platforms. The result was a 20% increase in post-purchase social tagging.


Heidi is able to seamlessly translate her experience across industries. Utilizing her gift with purchase knowledge from Macy's, she launched a campaign to increase AOV in her next role which contributed to a 12% increase in online orders.

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Organic Rectangle Shape Illustration
Organic Rectangle Shape Illustration

New Logo

Have you noticed this logo yet? Heidi developed it just for your portfolio viewing as a personal branding asset.

Logo Design

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Organic Rectangle Shape Illustration

When Heidi joined Dataspeed, one of her first initiatives was to modernize the company's logo to reflect their innovative autonomous driving solutions. A clean, contemporary logo was deemed appropriate for a tech firm of their caliber.


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Heidi designed a temporary logo to commemorate Mopec's many years of pathology and mortuary industry impact. The fresh image helped create excitement and build momentum for use in promotional activities including press releases and new product launches.

Temporary Logo

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Heidi recognized the revenue opportunity of stocking stuffer purchases during the holiday season. She developed gifting-ready jewelry packaging which resulted in above average sell-through rates for all her distribution outlets.


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From vehicle decal wraps to hardware housing, Heidi has created a consistent, professional image across the Dataspeed solution offering. She collaborates cross-departmentally to understand the product requirements to ensure any branding decisions are suitable for the application.




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Heidi Bodell

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